We appreciate your interest in PROTELEVISION TECHNOLOGIES – formerly Philips TV Test Equipment. On January 23, 1998, Philips TV Test Equipment changed its name to PROTELEVISION TECHNOLOGIES, in short PTV, a change marking the acquisition of PTV by PANTA Electronics. PANTA Electronics is an electronics corporation located in the Netherlands and owned by a consortium of investors led by Advent International.

PTV has been in the forefront of broadcast technology for more than three decades. It is our mission to assist our customers in improving their business with our products and services.

PTV supplies products for the studio enviroment, transmission area and the TV set manufacturers. We supply TV Test Equipment to broadcasters and video facilities worldwide, thus covering monitoring and test applications through the whole video program chain, from the studio to the TV receiver.

PTV designs, manufactures and markets television test, measurement and monitoring equipment in addition to TV operational equipment. All dedicated to the application of technology to customer challenges.

Innovative developments in product design have produced a strong portfolio of test and calibation products, most notably the very accurate and versatile color analyzer family, and a wide range of video and pattern generators for most standards, including High Definition TV (HDTV).

Our headquarters was originally established in the manufacturing plant, Philips Denmark, in Copenhagen. In 1989 the company moved to its’ own location, Brondby, near Copenhagen, where it presently occupies 6000 m2 of floor space.

To serve our customers around the globe, PTV employs a sales network of more than 30 distributors. With a sales staff of 20 sales and application engineers we are able to fulfil our commitment to do things even better than our customers expectations.

PTV is know as preeminent provider of analog and digital electronic equipment and is today in a strong market position and on the cutting edge of future developements.